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Get back pain relief!

Get back pain relief and correct common postural problems in just twenty minutes per day!

Back pain and common posture problems

Back pain and posture

Our vertebrae are a series of bones held together by ligaments to flex and provide posture. This curvature can be altered by incorrect tension of the ligaments that hold the vertebrae together. This will in turn create back pain. Bad posture, too much bending, picking up items too heavy, etc, will cause a protective contraction of the ligament on the front of the vertebrae, causing the vertebrae of the back to fold forward. In the upper back area, we may develop the “widows hump”. In the lower back and neck, we develop too straight of a section or a “straight back”. In the lumbar area, it can cause compression of disks. Both of these create more problems and back pain.

back pain and reclined position

A simple stretch can reduce back pain and many posture problems greatly!

Here is a section of our back in a reclined position (laying on your back, face up). This shows the normal, desired position and curvature of the lumbar area.

front ligament contracted and back pain

This is that same area with the front ligament contracted, folding the back forward. This results in a hunched posture, back pain, and can produce more problems.

therapy noodles and back pain

Therapy noodles help reduce back pain.

Positioning the area over a small soft tube, such as a therapy or pool noodle, one section at a time for a few minutes, can gently stretch this ligament to restore more normal posture. With our therapy noodle set, you simply start at the hip area and lay on the floor as shown for 2 minutes. Then move yourself up so that the noodle is under the section a few inches up and rest there for 2 minutes then continue up the back. We have specifically cut two sizes as individuals with very rounded upper back area needs a smaller diameter to start with.

As you rest, there should be no pain! There can be a small amount of discomfort or a bit of soreness, but if it hurts you are already causing muscle spasm to guard. You are not going to get a good stretch during a back spasm. If it hurts, change to the smaller diameter section.

Over days and weeks, as the ligament stretches, you will be able to progress to the larger noodle. Some individuals will get to the point of using both together for maximum flexibility and posture. Get additional stretches on WebMD.

This exercise will take about 20 minutes to complete the entire back. It is WELL WORTH IT!

CBD oil has also been shown to help with back pain reduction.

We carry Zilis. You can purchase CBD oil anywhere you like. My recommendation, however is to know what you're buying. What questions should you ask to keep you from wasting your money? Read this article, CBD quality guidelines by Trish Kallenbach

Invest time into your health. Choose to Heal.

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